Moses West’s Foundation was developed to provide the world with water crisis relief. Addressing disaster impacted zones, and water crisis, Moses West’s Foundation is focused on water rescue 

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Providing safe and clean water for all the world's people

Being part of a international social impact community addressing the water rescue MWF. Water generation helps communities lifeline for survival and for sustainable development.

Water is not only essential for life it interconnects

It is also a wide-ranging cultural presence – an inspiration for artists, a focus of scientific research, and an indispensable element in the religious rituals of many traditions and faiths.” UN Secretary-General 2006

The Moses West Foundation, NGO

Water Rescue

Bringing water to those in need, creating sustainable clean water solutions for the world. AWG / MWF provides a sustainable high impact life line to communities

Certified Drinking Water

Providing clean and safe drinking water exceeding the Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization standards.  AWG / MWF brings certified & tested clean water for the world.

Rapid Response

AWG / MWF strengths does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will. Emboldened by state of the art technology and fit to provide rapid response putting human life before all else.

Sustainable Solutions

Disaster struck communities may not have the infrastructure in place to power complex Water Generation solutions. AWG / MWF provides perfect solution utilizing solar powered clean energy to create potable water adapting to real world circumstances.

Disaster Relief

Bringing the fight to where it matters. Water Rescue and Disaster impacted communities is where AWG / MWF thrives and excels. Bringing hope to water crisis and disaster zones.

Globally Connected

From the successful missions from Flint Michigan, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas, AWG / MWF is tackling Global crisis bringing Water Generation solutions across the globe.


Water is all around us. Driven by our goal to provide drinking water to all people. AWG provides clean and safe drinking water using the most advanced Atmospheric Water Generation technology. We extract moisture from the atmosphere, and create water. read more

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AWG/ Moses West go around the globe fighting the water crisis. View our tour of duty by clicking here.

The World NEEDS Clean Water Rescue H20FoundationWater ResponseHydratingGenerateQuench Moses West Foundation provides high quality drinking water

"We will know the wortth of water when the well runs dry" Benjamin Franklin (1759)

World’s most technologically advanced industrial atmospheric water generator

  • We have the ability to harness the power from waste fuel byproducts, greenhouse gasses such as methane, and convert them into drinking water with this technology.

  • We supply industrial atmospheric water generation systems to large-scale military, governmental, non-governmental, and business organizations around the world.

If there is magic on this planet it is contained in water

  • A single Atmospheric Water Generation unit can produce up to 2,200 gallons / 8,400 liters of water a day with a footprint of 9 x 8 x 7 feet.
  • Water Rescue is a core value in our organization. Providing water aide to those who need it by providing a sustainable production source.

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Special thanks Round Table for collaborating and striving to bring water to all