The Moses West Foundation, a 509(a)(2), veteran and minority-owned non-profit organization is committed to improving access to clean water for communities worldwide through innovative sustainable missions.

The Moses West Foundation was founded and developed to provide the world with water crisis relief. Addressing disaster impacted zones, water scarcity, and water rescue. Through your contributions we are continuously able to support our mission of providing clean and safe drinking water using our Atmospheric Water Generation (A.W.G.) Technology.

UN 2023 Water Conference

School News Nationwide a UN-NGO has partnered with the Moses West Foundation™ and AWG Contracting to liberally provide a sustainable and satisfying source of clean and very good-tasting potable water to the world. According to several university studies, United States governmental authorities, the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have exceeded all their standard in providing pristine and sustainable water. With one of our AWG5000 units, we produce over 8400 liters or 2,200 gallons of clean water daily.


The Moses West Foundation supplies a safe, resilient, and reliable source of clean and pure water to people in time of need through the use of donated Atmospheric Water Generators. 

Our foundation delivers and deploys water generators when and where they are needed most. To assist with recovery efforts, support local population, and first response during critical periods of water shortages, contamination, depletion, and loss of local water supplies.

Become a part of our mission by making a contribution today. Your contribution goes towards solving the global water crisis and supporting our disaster relief campaigns across the globe.

The World's Most Technologically Advanced Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator

  • We have the ability to convert waste fuel byproducts and greenhouse gasses, such as methane, into clean drinking water.
  • A single AWG unit can produce up to 2,200 gallons / 8,400 liters of water per day with a footprint of 9 x 8 x 7 ft.
  • We provide scalable A.W.G. system installations from home and local municipal to large-scale installations for governments, businesses, organizations, and global initiatives.
  • Mitigating the water crisis allows for mitigation of other global crisis. Sustainable sources of water can lead to sustainable sources of food and energy.

Join our mission in providing clean water to the world!

Insight and News

The Moses West Journey

Watch Moses West's journey over the years providing clean water for people in need. Learn more about Moses, get an in-depth look into the machines, and check out the tour of AWG.

Pulling Water From Thin Air sat down with Moses West, the founder of AWG Contracting, to learn how he invented an atmospheric water generator that pulls moisture from the air.

Retired Army Ranger Answers Call

Moses West Foundation is raising money to send AWG machines to war-torn areas in Ukraine to provide clean water to those in need and safeguard civilians in hiding.