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  • Donate to a Specific School to Recieve an AWG Machine.

    Our organization will drop a machine on school grounds. Making that school a clean water hub and a place where kids can learn to run and maintenance the AWG Machine.

    Once the school raises, $145,000.00, the Moses West Foundation will drop the machine off at that school and it belongs to the community.

    Want to get your school an AWG Machine?

    Contact us for Details 
  • General Donations

    Give to the cause.

    Anything will help. We use these funds to build smaller machines for community use and/or to run our huge machine that is dropped in crisis zones within the US. Whether is is Flint or Puerto Rico, all donations go to fund those crisis missions

  • Give to a Crisis Area

    Do you live in a community that needs help? Do you have family in a crisis area? Do you want to help certain parts of the US? You can designate where your money will go. All contributions go to ensuring that Clean Water gets to our areas of contact.

    Your generosity will help the families experiencing water scarcity.

    Choose an Area 


The Moses West Foundation is committed to the pursuit of a world where access to clean, safe water is not a privilege, but a right available to all. Our mission is to harness innovative technologies, particularly in the field of atmospheric water generation, to provide sustainable and reliable water solutions to communities facing scarcity and contamination crises.

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Global Water Equality

We are driven by a vision of global water equity, where every individual, regardless of their location or socio-economic background, has uninterrupted access to one of life's most essential resources. Our approach is holistic, combining immediate relief efforts with long-term sustainability projects, community empowerment, and education.

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Environmental Stewardship

At the heart of our work is a dedication to environmental stewardship and the promotion of cutting-edge, eco-friendly technologies that address water shortages without compromising our planet's health. We believe in building strong partnerships with communities, governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders to create a collaborative, multi-faceted response to water crises.

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Advocates for Change

The Moses West Foundation is more than just a provider of solutions; we are an advocate for change, a voice for the unheard, and a beacon of hope in the quest for universal water security. Our commitment is unwavering, our resolve steadfast, as we work tirelessly to ensure that clean water flows within the reach of every person who needs it.