Let Moses bring life to your company, ESG and community goals.

His mission is to ensure a transformative experience for your company or group.

As a leader in pioneering sustainable water technologies, particularly Atmospheric Water Generation, he will bring a unique and powerful perspective. His unique talent for solving complex environmental issues gives him the ability to present them in a way that's both engaging and fulfilling once you become part of the water warrior team.

He believes in the power of real-world stories to connect and inspire. He is convinced that learning about sustainability and ESG can be an empowering, even exhilarating journey as you come along with Moses and learn his story.

"When I met Moses for the first time, I expected to learn about water technology, but I left with a renewed commitment to sustainability and the want to help the children and families in crisis."


That's the level of impact Moses aims for with every speech.

Your audience will feel the inspiration backed by real-world applications in ESG and sustainable water generation. And that's precisely what he brings to the table.

Water is free, and once you bring this magnificent servant leader to your organization, you will be proud to be part of the mission and become a Water Warrior.

Why we need your sponsorship.

Water Warrior Kids get Inspired to change the world

Mission Critical Water Supply for Families in need

Helping Communities like Flint that need a permanent healthy water source.

Moses is a true hero to the communities he helps.

Moses West Foundation engages kids in the process teaching them about AWG

We need you.

Every contribution gives clean sustainable water to areas in crisis. Once the teams are deployed, and the machine is delivered the people receive free clean water. We use every last drop of your gift to give back to the communities. Whether it is Jacksonville, Puerto Rico, Flint Michigan, your incredible contributions go straight to the mission.

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