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WATER IS FREE. It's our mission to make sure of that. At the Moses West Foundation, our efforts are not just about quenching thirst; they’re about nurturing hope and fostering resilience in communities facing water crises.

Clean, Sustainable, Free Drinking Water

Moses West, a visionary and humanitarian, has garnered widespread acclaim for his pioneering work in developing an atmospheric water generator, a groundbreaking technology capable of extracting clean, potable water directly from the air. This remarkable invention, which operates by condensing moisture from the atmosphere, has proven to be a game-changer in addressing water scarcity in various regions. West's commitment to alleviating global water crises has led him to deploy these generators in areas hit hard by natural disasters and in communities grappling with chronic water shortages. His work not only exemplifies technological innovation but also reflects a deep-seated commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, offering a beacon of hope for communities struggling to secure a reliable water supply.

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Flint Michigan

West declared that the device has supplied hundreds with access to pure drinking water. When it needed repairs, the community of Flint rallied to assist West in restoring this vital source of complimentary water for the city.

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Humanitarian aid

The Jackson Mission

Moses West, known for his work with atmospheric water generators, had taken significant steps to aid Jackson, Mississippi, in its water crisis. Similar to his efforts in Flint, Michigan, West brought his technology to Jackson to provide residents with access to clean, safe drinking water. Jackson had been facing a water crisis due to aging infrastructure and other issues, leading to frequent water shortages and boil-water notices.

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Humanitarian Aid

Puerto Rico

West's work in Puerto Rico was part of a broader effort to demonstrate the potential of AWGs in disaster relief and in regions suffering from water scarcity. His initiative not only provided immediate relief to those in need but also raised awareness about innovative solutions to global water shortages.

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Speaking Engagement Impact

Moses West's speaking engagements are highly impactful, leaving audiences informed, inspired, and often motivated to take action. His ability to blend technical expertise with a passion for humanitarian and environmental issues makes him a compelling speaker, resonating with a wide range of audiences.

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