Humanitarian Aid Puerto Rico - Moses West Foundation

Support the Moses West Foundation in bringing sustainable water solutions to Puerto Rico. Join us in our mission for clean water access, disaster relief, and community empowerment through innovative technology and humanitarian aid. Learn how you can make a difference today
  • Moses West's efforts in Puerto Rico were primarily focused on addressing the acute water shortages caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017. This hurricane was one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history to affect the island, leading to widespread destruction of infrastructure, including the water supply system.

  • Deployment of the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG): West brought his AWG technology, specifically the AS800 model, to Puerto Rico. This machine is designed to extract water from the humidity in the air, producing clean, potable water. In the aftermath of the hurricane, with many of the island's traditional water sources contaminated or destroyed, this technology provided an essential alternative.

  • Production Capacity: The AS800 was capable of producing a significant amount of water daily, depending on the atmospheric conditions. In the humid environment of Puerto Rico, the machine's output would have been maximized, potentially producing hundreds to thousands of gallons per day.

  • Locations and Impact: West's efforts were particularly focused on the most affected areas where residents were struggling without access to clean water. By providing a sustainable source of water, the AWG helped alleviate the immediate suffering and prevent potential health crises that can arise from the lack of clean drinking water.

  • Community Engagement: Part of the success of West's initiative in Puerto Rico involved working with local communities. This engagement helped in efficiently distributing the water produced by the AWG and in educating residents about the technology and its benefits.

  • Awareness and Advocacy: Beyond the immediate relief efforts, West's work in Puerto Rico also served to raise awareness about the potential of AWG technology as a tool for addressing water scarcity, especially in disaster-stricken regions. It highlighted the need for innovative solutions in disaster response and sustainable development.