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Moses West

Moses West

Founder, CEO

Moses West, the founder of the Moses West Foundation, is a visionary leader with a unique background in the United States Armed Forces. As a retired captain, he served in esteemed units such as the 75th Ranger Regiment, Second Armored Division, Second Infantry Division, Seventh Cavalry Regiment, and 101st Airborne Division. These experiences instilled in him a profound appreciation for the value of water and equipped him with advanced technical skills.

Driven by a passion for addressing the global water crisis, Moses founded AWG Contracting, a company focused on developing and deploying innovative atmospheric water generation technology. He has successfully led missions to provide pure and unlimited sources of water to communities in need, such as Puerto Rico and Flint, Michigan.

With the Moses West Foundation, Moses continues to work tirelessly to provide access to clean drinking water in areas affected by disaster or geography. His dedication and leadership have made a tangible impact on communities around the world, establishing him as a pioneer in the field of water sustainability.

Dexter Moon

Dexter Moon

CCO, AWG Contracting

Dexter Moon, a U.S. Air Force veteran, is a distinguished business professional with over 25 years of experience in logistics management. As the Chief Contracting Officer for AWG Contracting, he has been instrumental in the success of the Moses West Foundation, contributing significantly to its mission to provide sustainable water solutions for communities in need.

In his role at AWG Contracting, Dexter applies his keen analytical and logistical expertise to optimize the delivery of atmospheric water generators (AWG) worldwide. As the CEO of Log-Con, LLC, he leverages his knowledge to offer cost-effective, time-efficient solutions for various projects.

Dexter’s dedication to social, environmental, and economic justice, combined with his military background, has been invaluable to the Moses West Foundation. Together with the team, he strives to bring sustainable water solutions to those in need, promoting self-reliance and resilience in the face of global challenges.

Dr. Les Shepard

Dr. Les Shepard

Scientist; Chairman & Founder of Nexas: Energy – Water Solutions

Les Shephard is the founder of NEXAS: Energy – Water Solutions, a company dedicated to providing clean, reliable, and resilient water and energy supplies to communities in need across the United States and beyond. In addition, Shephard serves as a Research Associate at the Department of Physics, University of La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain, focusing on clean energy and safe water solutions for island states.

Prior to his current endeavors, Shephard spent a decade at the University of Texas, San Antonio, where he held the McDermott Professorship in Civil and Environmental Engineering and served as the Founding Director of the Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute.

Dr. Shephard also has experience as the Vice President of Energy, Water, and Nonproliferation at Sandia National Laboratories. In this role, he actively pursued technological solutions to address 21st-century energy, water, and environmental challenges, and led programs that contributed to economic prosperity and global stability in regions of high strategic importance to the United States.

Apollo Mondesir

Executive Assistant to Moses West, The Moses West Foundation

As the Executive Assistant to Moses West, the founder and CEO of the Moses West Foundation, Apollo Mondesir brings experience in organizational leadership and a passion for sustainability. A University of Miami Herbert Business School alumni, Apollo’s background positions him well to support the foundation’s ESG initiatives and extend its global reach.

In addition to his role with the foundation, Apollo brings his expertise in business strategy to make a difference in the realm of sustainability.  He is also the CEO of Rocksteady Consulting. His fluency in multiple languages, such as  Mandarin Chinese and French enable him and his team to build strong connections with diverse communities and partners worldwide.

Deeply committed to the mission and vision of the Moses West Foundation, Apollo works diligently with his global team to make a lasting impact on those in need of clean, sustainable water solutions. His dedication and expertise embody the foundation’s core values of compassion, unity, sustainability, and innovation.

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