Jill Jacobs

Activist, Advocate, Artist

Jill Jacobs is an expert in global and regional issues for persons with disabilities and populations in crisis. community leader and disability activist. Jill is a senior public health expert at Booz Allen Hamilton, where she advises on projects for the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and other agencies on long-term care, managed care, and policy, among other matters.

For two decades Jill has analyzed policy and worked toward improved health and disability programs and services at local, state, and federal levels. Jill’s ability to spot trends and analyze emerging data combined with her gift for creative problem-solving and an advocate’s heart has led to better outcomes for disabled and elderly persons around the world.

Jill founded and served for eighteen years as the CEO of Ability Unleashed, a Medicaid case management agency. Jill has held executive positions at various nonprofit and government entities and served on boards to include the World Association of People with Disabilities, and UCP of Washington & Northern Virginia. She is currently on the boards of the National Council on Independent Living and the Moses West Foundation.

Jill is a passionate and deeply committed changemaker for people with disabilities and our elders; she is known for her willingness to dive headfirst into even the most daunting efforts. In 1998, she got involved as a key organizer in a campaign to get a statue of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt seated in his wheelchair at the national monument in Washington, DC. From that point forward, she has been a grassroots organizer in the disability arena.

More recently, Jill has organized healthcare protests, human rights marketing campaigns, and relief efforts for the most marginalized communities. She led disaster response efforts following Hurricanes Harvey and Maria resulting in lifesaving outcomes for disabled people in Houston and Puerto Rico. Gathering celebrity endorsements and funds as well as crowd-sourced grassroots support, Jill obtained clothing, water, food, medicine and medical care and transported them to disabled people in need. She provided rescue by ground, sea and air and arranged housing, social services and care for evacuees.

Her experience as a management professional, as well as her own experience with disability and as the mother of two disabled people, gives Jill special insight into the needs of people with disabilities, especially as it pertains to families. For her work advancing rights and access of disabled military family members, the United States Army awarded Jill the Dr. Mary E. Walker Medal of Honor.

Jill enjoys expressing herself creatively not only through advocacy, but also via the arts. She is an accomplished visual artist whose work has shown in New York, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

Jill lives in Washington, DC, is a mother of four, a grandmother, and has recently adopted two kittens.

Activist, Advocate, Artist