Jackson Water Rescue Mission


Jackson, Mississippi has a current estimated population of 180,000+ people who have lost complete access to running water and clean usable water. The current situation facing the region is a critical emergency.

Jackson is currently relying heavily on scarce supplies of bottled water. The Moses West Foundation’s purpose is to provide support, assistance, and free clean drinkable water in crisis situations. The people of Jackson, Mississippi are suffering and we will be there. 

Moses West, a former US Army ranger has a vision of water being a human right; a necessity that can and must be provided to those in need. He founded the Moses West Foundation (MWF) to make that vision a reality.

In tandem, the MWF and AWG Contracting utilize the most technologically advanced Atmospheric Water Generators, manufactured right here in the US, to provide clean and fresh water to all those in need.

Support Our Mission To Save Jackson, Mississippi

We are truly grateful for your donation. Donations made here go to saving lives and completing our mission objectives in Jackson, Mississippi. Donations are used for supplying and deploying generators and the life-giving water such provides.
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Donations To Jackson Mission From: 08/30/2022
Donation Goal 18%

Mission Objectives

Primary Objective

Our target goal of $300,000 provides us the ability to produce machines and provide solutions in Jackson with the people of Jackson. The primary objective is to provide jobs, knowledge, and skills required to build, maintain, and operate Atmospheric Water Generators hand-in-hand with the people of Jackson to collectively provide sustainable solutions and infrastructure so that this crisis may never happen again. 

Location Scouting

Find locations that are suitable for Atmospheric Water Generator placement. Prioritizing high population areas with the most urgent need for clean water. Searching for locations to store and distribute water to those in dire need. 

Providing Water

Our Atmospheric Water Generators have the ability to produce hundreds to thousands of gallons of water per day depending on the model. The more Atmospheric Water Generators in place, the more water that can be provided freely to the people of Jackson.

Transportation and Logistics

Establishing consistent methods of transporting Atmospheric Water Generators to Jackson in addition to transporting water from the generators to people across the region. A system of water generation, transportation, and distribution is vital so that water can be provided to as many people as possible. 

Supporting Infastructure

The Moses West Foundation and AWG Contracting have the capacity to provide long-term solutions to Jackson as their infrastructure is repaired and improved. The people of Jackson require an enormous amount of water that has not been provided by current infrastructure.


Stay up to date and informed about the current water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi. 

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The Jackson Rescue Mission Has Begun

We here at the Moses West Foundation and our partners are absolutely thankful to all those who have donated and supported us to make this mission possible. Our combined feeling of gratitude is indescribable. Every one of you that donate and spread awareness of our foundation is cultivating something greater. You are all now a part of our mission, our objective, and our vision of providing water to the world. From all of us here, thank you. Be sure to check in here and on our socials for updates. 

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