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CharityAideRescueWaterGlobalCleanGreen Bringing clean water to those in need

Who We Are

Moses West Foundation™, is driven by a single goal; to provide drinking water to people in need.

The Moses West Foundation is committed to advocating for social, environmental, and Economic justice of a basic human right: Water. WE will place this innovative and sustainable technology into the hands of communities and connect organizations that will do the most good in advancing self-reliance. Our focus includes a vision to educate every level of society in the practice of sustainability for their communities in the face of current and future water, food and energy challenges.

The Moses West Foundation

This technology ensures that the recipients will continue to have the ability to produce safe and clean drinking water at the point where it is needed long after the emergency is over and to be prepared if they are faced with another crisis. This is a lasting gift to the people who need clean drinking water the most.

Make a difference in the lives of the people who need more than a single donation for a few bottles of water and a one day supply of food. This technology allows us to provides water continuously.