A Well-Deserved Recognition

The US Veterans Hall of Fame proudly announces the induction of Captain Moses West into the United States Veterans Hall of Fame. This prestigious honor recognizes CPT West’s extraordinary military service, his valor as an Army Ranger, and his unwavering commitment to supporting his fellow man. This year’s induction also includes the late General Colin Powell, among other distinguished veterans.

CPT Moses West: A Lifetime of Dedication, Courage, and Service

Born on August 9, 1958, in Columbus, Georgia, to Joe Edgar West and Betty-Anne West. Moses West moved to Germany at a young age, where he witnessed firsthand the harrowing aftermath of World War II. This experience fostered deep empathy for the impoverished and discriminated German population. As the oldest of the boys in a bustling household of 11 siblings, Moses assumed the role of leader early on.

Inspired by his father—an Army combat medical instructor—Moses pursued higher education throughout his early life at Trinity University, Incarnate Word College, and San Antonio College. After earning degrees in Public Administration and Human Relations, he joined the military as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1981.

The Making of an Army Ranger

CPT West’s journey to becoming a formidable Army Ranger began at Fort Benning, Georgia, where he attended the Infantry Officer Basic Course (IOBC) in the summer of 1981. Handpicked for the prestigious Ranger Course, Moses underwent a grueling 90-day training program, emerging as a proud and distinguished member of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment.

Moses’s military career brimmed with achievements, illustrating his exceptional prowess, resilience, and dedication to his country. Serving in the 2nd Armored Division, commanded by George Patton Jr., Moses honed his skills as an Army Ranger and embraced the airborne tradition.

A Fearless Pilot Soaring Through the Skies

Moses’s insatiable drive for excellence led him to flight school, where he became an Aeroscout and piloted OH-58 helicopters in combat. Following a year of service with the 2nd Infantry Division in the 4th of the 7th Cavalry Unit stationed in the tense demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea. Following his tour of duty, Moses returned to the United States and attended test pilot school for both OH-58 and CH-47 helicopters.

180th Aviation: The Big Windy

From 1986 to 1988, Moses was stationed in Germany with the 180th Aviation Company, also known as the “Big Windy.” As part of the 2nd Aviation Brigade, Moses served as an Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Officer for the entire brigade, highlighting his exceptional skills and expertise.

Gulf War: Valor in the Face of Adversity

CPT West’s military service carried him into the Gulf War, where he joined the 7th Battalion of the 101st Airborne Division. During his deployment, Moses’s Alpha Company was one of the first to have Chinooks in the theater by disassembling them and transporting them into the battlefield via a C5A Starlifter and meticulously reassembling them on site.

After suffering injuries during the war, Moses spent time in a hospital in Lundstull, Germany recovering. It was during this time he also witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall. Ironically, CPT West had witnessed both the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall. Despite these challenges, Moses returned to the United States and retired as a Captain, promotable, from the US Army Rangers.

Honoring CPT Moses West’s Legacy

CPT Moses West’s induction into the United States Veterans Hall of Fame is a testament to his remarkable life of service, military excellence, and dedication to his country and fellow veterans. As an accomplished Army Ranger and helicopter pilot, CPT West’s legacy will undoubtedly inspire many others to serve their country and communities with the same passion and commitment.

Learn more about CPT Moses West’s continuing work for veterans by visiting his foundation’s Linktree. We invite you to support and celebrate the accomplishments of CPT West and his fellow inductees by attending the 2023 Veterans Hall of Fame ceremony. Together, let us honor their service and commitment to our nation.